Laser Cladding

  • Focused laser energy creates a melt pool on the substrate. Metal powder is blown into the melt pool as the processing head moves across the part. This creates a metallurgical bond between the substrate and the added metal. A narrow heat affected zone is achieved with minimal heat input.
  • Wide variety of metals can be added e.g. Inconel, Stellite, Tungsten Carbide blends, Stainless Steel, Hard Chrome Replacement, Tool Steels.
  • Efficient and precise addition using the optimum laser spot and deposition rate for the job.
  • Single layer thickness 0.5mm-2mm. Multiple layers can be added.

Part Enhancement

  • Explore the possibilities of adding the RIGHT metal in the RIGHT place.
  • A part can be enhanced by adding metal with superior properties, e.g. improved wear or corrosion performance.
  • Make the bulk of your part from a more cost effective metal, and then add the performance where it is needed.
  • Create a mixed material part where the properties of different metals are required in different areas. This can reduce part count in assemblies and optimise engineering design.

Repair and Remanufacture

  • Reclaim the value in your worn or scrapped part by adding metal back on.
  • Manufacturing needs to become more environmentally sustainable. Extend the life of your tooling or components. Reduce down time and reduce consumption.

Add Features

  • Build features on a part by adding metal layer by layer.
  • Adding a small amount of metal can save a lot.
  • Start the part with a smaller billet and add the features, rather than wastefully machining away large amounts of material.
  • Can add 125 cubic centimetres of metal per hour.

Hybrid Parts

  • New design possibilities are created by bringing additive and subtractive manufacturing together.
  • Seamlessly switching between adding and removing metal in a single machine facilitates this greater design freedom.
  • Grow new thin walled parts from scratch and machine when and where required.